Eps 1-100

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If you don’t plan on listening to the podcasts “live”, right click the links below and choose either “save target as” or “save link as”

Episode #100! Don’t even need to title this one-It’s just hours and hours of reminiscences, catch ups, opinions, jokes, laughter, beer, and COMICS COMICS COMICS. Dig. IT. Please don’t tell me about the audio levels. I tried and tried to normalize but Audacity  just wasn’t having it.
Episode 100!


Episode #99- ”The Zombie Lip Problem” We watch “2012, Zombie Apocalypse”, note they could be crab people; compare cheap zombie flicks to good zombie flicks; wonder about the zombie lip problem. Miss maquarrie and moebius; talk about Dark Matter; remember Event Horizon; finally break down and get into Waids’ Daredevil; cgi zombie puppies get in the way.
Episode #99


Episode #98- “When Monkeys have Guns and Rocket Packs, All is Right With the World” Thursday, April 12, 2012 9:14 PM    We start in ANGER, in response to a tweet question, “Who comes back from the N52?” Batpeople/Batmite. I run through the history of G’nort, puppy green lantern; Batman animated episode with Scarface, quickly looked at.  We mention Carl Potts. Who does THAT? Box o’ shite contenders. Then we get into some books with
Episode #98


Episode #97- ”You’re a hot chick? I enjoy Star Wars. DEAL WITH IT.” Somehow we can’t stand a Felicia Day movie, cause, you know, it was “Red.” No more Kevin Smith reality; TechJedi Gets a huge gift from rev; a twitter question; cover the patterns of entertainment and how we fail to be enthusiastic. Watch Year One;Then we launch to actual books with batman and robin 6.
Episode 97


Episode #96, “In The Context of Comics, This is very simple” We went through two flicks before we could get going this ep. Don’t watch Blubberella. We really watch Under the Red Hood. DCNU disappointment again; talk It was the war of the trenches; giveaways; get nostalgic for a bit; talk star wars vs trek; collected dvd comic collections; note the commonality of tetrion particles.
Episode #96


Episode #95-”You IQ suckin’ Harpie!” We cover some news and go Free-Range up in here. We cover splitting energies, economic realities of floppy purchasing; compare how multiple creator owned storylines can clump; speculate on Before Watchmen; explain the difference between, crap, dooky, and shit. Look at how much we would have lost with artistic integrity. Don’t fondly remember hellshock.
Episode #95


Episode #94- “Kraven is the Man, Who Saw THAT Comin’?” We debate introductions. The Rev goes through arkham asylum in prep for City while watching The Warrior Way. Which lead us to a Superman returns rant,and then mention The Donner Flick; finally we get to some comics, starting with Dead Man’s Run. Bitch about book money in relation to the DCNU.
Episode #94


Episode #93-”Big Drinkin’, Big Shootin’, Big Bangin’ SCIENCE GUY!” We thank Lar DeSouza for our new avatars; Scarlet Spider is a standardized story; wonder about the quality thinning over too many titles for one character; look at DD in the Avengers and his secret ID. The Sinister 6 returns; which is all-around awesome. Look at the interlude with the 24 hours spider-story.
Episode #93


Episode #92- “My Shit is GRIM, Yo” Opening with a minor commentary on SOPA, we boil it down to, STOP STEALING THINGS.  An admonistion to not watch CHILLERAMA; try a bit at CHRONICLES OV VIDOCQ; Marky Mark is an Ass. Comics actually show up, and we start with Spider-Man and Slott’s wonderfulness. We recognize that we are spoiled by awesome writers; note
Episode #92


Episode #91 “He Takes It To the Streets. WITH SPELLS!” The Rev tries to use a pun to create TechJedi a new nickname; I confuse Rom and Star Wars. We encounter zombie sheep and The Top-Knot Of Doom. Trading portions of collections; jump in to Journey into Mystery; walk through the literary grandiosity of UnWritten; compare potter fans to taylor fans; a stretch, i’m sure.
Episode #91


Episode #90”That’s Not The Wong of Legend!” In Episode 90 we reintroduce ourselves, we start with some twitter answers, talking about costumes, like MAD DOG and D-MAN; a glofindel reference; we talk about our beer; watch ZOMBI WOMEN OF SATAN; we jump into the books with Batman and Robin; Daminan is a sociopath; talkin new avengers with neal adams.
Episode 90


Episode #89: “…But i’ve met Namor, so would you like to come over for cookies?” Reminding listeners that for episode 100 we are GIVIN SHIT AWAY! Opening with Rucka Punisher, we like it but it’s strange to see a red puking vulture. weird. We then wonder about Ennis’ legacy to mainstream comics; Then we move out to Unwritten, where we actually use the word “parse” without irony.
Episode #89


Episode #88-”I am Doom, and You Two Are BITCHES.” Bad Zombie Movies start us off. And end us. We didn’t really like Re-Tar-Dead. RIP Jerry Robinson. We start live tweeting during ‘casting! TechJedi reveals that D&D first edition is new at his house. Kicking off some comics, we start with J.I.M. 628-630, tailing off fear itself and seeing consequences. Volstag enthralls us.
Episode #88


Episode #87-”Water Based Kid Killing Ghost Thing” In episode 87 we determine that Batman pooping himself is unacceptable. Detail a plan for subsidizing blurays; look forward to BATMAN:YEAR ONE;  Techjedi tones down his enthusiasm. Having established that, we look at THE MIGHTY THOR, with the incredible shrinking pastor; hop over to the OTHER fraction godlike entity that is IRON MAN.
Episode 87


Episode #86- “Bang a Robot, Have Half-Imaginary Robot Kids.” Starting with 15 minutes of massive spider island talk-plenty much all of it. We need a Spider-Manny, btw. I need a rev to clone to punch. Off to Captain America and Bucky, then rev asks for my safeword. We cover the black widow/journalist ethics debate. Secret avengers by ellis. criticize the fear itself mechs.
Episode #86


Episode #85: “I PAY SO YOU CAN NOT ENJOY YOURSELF” TechJedi start off in ANGER! The dead zone that is connecticut nerd-dom depresses him. Rev compares flash mobs too…flash villains. We announce our 100th episode nascent plans. Bill destroys techs childhood memories.Shouts out Secret identity, Count Slick Brass. Rev does a capsule review of high school of the dead.
Episode 85


Episode #84 “The Eradicator is Un-Eradicatable. Yeah, I Went There.” Starting with TechJedi’s experiences with Star Wars blu-rays. The pros and cons of calling people shmucks. More blu ray craziness. TJ reasserts his need to move forward without geek speculation. The history of fan forum doofiness. We finally get to some DCNU stuff. Then onto Future foundation, which we’ve finally taken a shine to.
Episode 84


Episode #83 “It Was Some Kind of Anti-Treat” Covering Comic-Conn again, discussing birthday presents, then make up our own answers to “The Biggest Questions of the DC Reboot”. Moving on to team dynamics, the mystery was killing us with the timelines. Then lament the decline, citing average Thor sales figures from 1986. Whine and bitch about events.
Episode 83


Episode #82.5NEW YORK FRICKIN COMIC GODDAMNED CON! TechJedi and friend of the show Karlo head out onto teh train and into the heart of Dorkendom on Earth! After determining what would be brought to be signed, what would be looked for, and the significance of each, Rev absorbs the results in the second half. We’ll be back next week with the pile.
Episode 82.5


Epsiode #82- “ICONIC IN IT’S DEPTHS OF SUCKTITUDE” We’re late, it’s true, but we wanted some of the heat to cool down from the disaster that was the heated arguments and diatribes sparked by summers’ announcements, such as Miles Morales, the dirth of female creators in the new 52, and note the rise of non-humorous incivility due to the internet.
Epsiode 82


Episode #81- ”Natures’ Dumb-Ass” or “…You Can’t Be King Without Pants” It starts of with mother jokes. Then minor definitions of dangers of cons; we watch the 1967 Aquaman series, where the MANTA-MEN are the worst henchmen on the planet. Then, for the last time, we argue the merits is Zatanna. I still dug it, he’s still a douche. Then sleeping vikings in an underwater cave
Episode 81


Episode #80-”I Bring The Dumb” Sorry bout the audio on TechJedi’s side. We start with some movies we saw-THE HORDE, french zombie flick of insane proportions, and The DogHouse, strange zombie brit flick. ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES!, (with hookers) and Zombies Anonymous. You should look up the first two, and avoid the other three.  Then we started watching Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes.
Episode 80


Episode #79-”Slave Leia Thoris” We watch the worst remake of John Carter, EVER. We find that the Rev is a hermit, and I am an attention whore, deprived. This was a pre comic-conn recording, determine the pikachu rating system; and it’s back to the shotgun review approach, starting with Amazing Spiderman-prelude to Spider Island and love zombie pirates;
Epsiode 79


Episode #78- “Have a Fruit Smoothie, And Go To Bed” Starting with a disgusting discussion on catshit, we move on to The Pile.  Starting with Morrison’s Batman Inc 6, with the Emoticons, which, you know, made me retch; marvel at how halo and looker can be stealth; preferring a Bat-Mite book from Morrison. We then find Nick Fury essentially wrote Genesis that he’s been around so long manipulating things…then, we sigh, was disappointed by Herc: Fear Itself… swim in the warm, welcoming waters of the last Herc book…got through the magic auction of Unwritten, which, so you know, we dug the frig out of, then continue a Vertigo love fest in Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love, then experience a falling of crests with Vader and the Lost Command, question how the Emperor let him puss out so long; moving along to Snyders’ Detective, with the strange reveal we see…Batman starts to look up; get driven up the wall be revisionist plots….and really, what we want to see is Odin and Galactus throw down. Avengers 1059 rocked too. Seriously, get that shit.
Episode #78


Episode #77We Argue. Alot.
One solid hour of yellin and screaming about DCs Relaunch. Rev makes counterpoints and irritates me.
Episode 77


Episode #76-”Don’t Say Bat-Dick Anymore!”
Thor-loved it, yeah, that’s right-then we segue into geek moments out in public, which, surely you admit-can be scary. We watch Beowulf at the time, and having looked that over, we go to Generation Lost and even here at the end-we are undecided. Final impressions about Brightest Day; gloss by Supe’s renunciation; look over Darth Vader and the Lost Command; Detective; with whales and Dick-Bats. Batman Inc; Avengers Avengers Avengers! Talk Dire Wraiths, Batman Inc; SPACEKNIGHTS! INTELLIGENTSIA! So much comic goodness.

Episode 76


Episode 75.5 “Little Demon Monkey Satan Figure”

Covering Kick Ass2, with totally fabricated character backgrounds. wonder where Superior is, Generation Lost, mourn the obscurity of Charlton blue beetle, look at and appreciate Journey Into Mystery and Thor with Grey Gargoyle (OMG THAT WAS AWESOME!)…they brought in the grey gargoyle..and all is well. Until Superman 710. dangit.


Episode 75.1-”…And Nick Cage Will Be In My Stocking. I Can’t Have That!”

We make fun of ian. but he isn’t reading or listening anyway. We introduce Gobble-Con to the World, Connecticut’s premiere anime/steampunk/comic/comic cosplay con. Rev admits he got trapped in FF?? and gave up; Kevin Smiths’ departure from film; talk about Hickman’s Pax Romana, cleaned up at a small show with 5 trades at 2 each.


Episode 74-”Like Jimmy Olsen on a Four Day Bender!”

BS Episode-Alternate Title-”Do Not Speak Ill of the Fabulous Frog Man” TechJedi goes through his now complete run through BioShock, contrast our playing styles, spending farrr too much time on it, since it’s like a thousand years old. Quit DC U Online before the hack; then we run through some serious ancient history.


Episode #73-”Beacons of Awesomeness”

The Rev saw Sucker Punch, and felt like that’s what happened, *I* saw Battle: L.A. and I feel like a veteran. I go on to great lengths about the tropes and horrifying re-use of COLOSSALLY STUPID SHIT, abandonment of the concepts of physics, the old soldiers’ guilt, and so much more.


Episode#72-Ghost Rider-Misty Style
With Peter Fonda as the Devil, Nic Cage as Johnny “Wooden” Blaze, and Eva Mendez as “Grown Up Hottie the Hero Has To Make Good With”, we go all Misty on ya with our first real commentary track, on the deservedly reviled Ghost Rider. Yick.


Episode #71-Emerald City Con

Covering a staggering array of signatures, booty, pictures, stories, and interviews, it’s the much delayed repeatedly promised Episode 70 from Emerald City Con! We don’t have the kind of budget that allows a dozen con appearances a year like some people, (yeah YOU, CGS!) but here’s our start for the year!


Episode 70-”But Lantern Shmoozy Lets Us Do it!

Due to the backlog of episodes over the last weeks, we finally get to the preparation for the trip to Emerald city two months ago. That’s right, in an effort to get ahead, we’re late. Fuck it. Before that all though, we cover really, really bad toy tie ins, including magneto’s flying discs, tmnt nite […]


Episode #69-”I can Fly and Hit Things-I Wonder If I Should Do More?”

We have a studio audience this time round, fuckin up the proceedings. We talk about steady pimpin at cons, the drawbacks of strange new Bat-Villains, the magic of old, bad villains, one last “Grounded” issue of Supes, Unwritten, and the never ending love of all things Chaykin, particularly with Nick Fury, Avengers love through the […]


Episode #68-”Oh, There’s A Dooku Behind You!”

A strange episode covering The Reverends’ Netflix Q as relates to geek items, non spoiler reviews of Scott Pilgrim and Defendor, Despicable Me, The Rev defends his version of Geek, nee’ Dork, and lot of comics-namely Superman: Earth One, Irredeemable and Incorruptible, I Zombie, Star Wars: Empire, Darth Vader and the Lost Command, determine that […]


Episode 67 The Cap/Tony/Thor Show

While watching Piranha, we look at some truly disappointing batman, covering just about all the batbooks; confrontational avengers scenes; Fuck Parker Robbins; Nick Fury’s illegitimate clone little brother; Green Lanterns and the never ending cycle; spider slayers, and more


Episode #59-Zombie Flesh Does Not React Well To Dr. Pepper
Thursday, December 16, 2010 7:56 PM
December 16 2010 Episode #59 Covering the final episode of walking dead, chrsitmas wish lists, and a plethora of random crap. Coming Soon-Year End Wrap up; Cabo Wabo Skyping in Live Form The Mojo Dojo-Christmas Geek loot!
Don’t forget to call us and tell us to bite it at 203 533 4910


Episode 58-”Giant Smiley Heads? Really?”
Monday, November 22, 2010 8:31 PM
We revisit our never-ending love of Sherlock Holmes; not the silliness of Howard the Duck’s return, wax rhapsodic about W.A.S.P, forget the point of Emerald Warriors, running commentary on Constantine and the history of TechJedi’s Hellblazer associations, and, you know, really, can the GL books and Brightest Day get more slow and plodding? seriously.


Episode #57-Awesome? Or Awkward and Weird?
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 10:09 PM
The Rev finally gets to talk about his experiences at New York; expounds upon his ever lasting hatred of the Sims; plan out a grand-guignol long-box re-org, and just general ramble.


Episode 56-No Catchy Title
Thursday, October 28, 2010 10:12 PM
Our first live skype show, TechJedi, Cabo, and Andrew talk about the New York Comic Con and diverge in any number of ways.


Episode #55-Bat-Dick? Too Many Strange Implications
Thursday, October 07, 2010 8:30 PM
Admiring Iron Man 2, covering Batman and robin 14, batman porn, incorruptible; with irredeemable we try to work the math out between the scales of killing and saving, BoP is all done for us, same for the tv series, love the zoo crew, play reverend bingo, feel powers is just fine as it goes, looove


Episode #54- Man, Why I gotta Be a Monkey?

Thursday, September 23, 2010 12:47 PM
Covering The rev’s continual dislike of Zatanna’s pacing, run roughshod over SuperSoldier, marvel at Tony Stark’s ability to nab any girl ever, note confusion and stortelling process techniques and preferences for Unwritten, are utterly unimpressed by the darling of the moment, Morning Glories, give up on Birds of Prey, and, sigh, wish for Spider-Man glory.


Episode #53-Voodoo Dolls Don’t Cause Chafing
Tuesday, September 07, 2010 8:02 PM
We Run through Dark Times, Superman Grounded, scary parellels between hector hammond and charles xavier, wonder at the same’s grooming habits, comment on larfleeze’s paralelles to consumerist america, Cynorg superman, engage in speculation about what it would take to read a trigger twins book, the cruelty of ted kord’s BB Gun; also of note is


Episode #52-Batman=BACON!
Tuesday, August 24, 2010 8:01 PM
We cover The Grim Hunt, note that Batman makes everything better, much like Bacon, OMIT, want superhoeroes to get more breaks from the action, talk Iron Man 28, still freaking hate the name Detroit Steel, and seriously, want just a few quiet moments here and there. Things just barrel forward and note that Secret Warriors


Episode #51-Backseat Zombie Shooter
Tuesday, August 10, 2010 4:44 PM
We tried something different, and somehow, just somehow, it didn’t work. Our prestine and untarnished reputation of being the biggest doofus’s in podcasting remains unchanged. Covering the latest Fantastic Four, Generation Lost #4, Batman & Robin 13, Superman with JMS, and more.


Episode 50-You Smell Like Jeremiah Arkham-PUNCH!
Tuesday, July 13, 2010 10:56 PM
This is it kids, we finish off Episode 50 (which strictly speaking should be 52-but there were other two parters) with a raucus, raunchy, laugh out loud hour and a half of listener requests, piles, and more digressions than you can shake a cape at. Or a Cosmic Rod. or a whip. Anyway.


Episode 50-pt 1-Two Epic Mounts Just Sounds Dirty
Tuesday, July 06, 2010 9:31 PM
This week, the Rev and TechJedi celebrate their 50th Podcast all by their lonesomes! But it;s a fun time for listeners, since we got listener feedback, a pile, and flip flop around tangents so weird you’ll wonder why we try to have a format at all! Come listen, and join us for Episode 50_B later


Episode 49-Skip the Effing Title!
Sunday, June 27, 2010 6:49 PM
Utter, complete, and mostly worthless ramblings and observations. We get ready to execute the GREAT BIG FAT 50, so we’re just chilling and drinking and talking whatever hits us. We got great Batman memories (or not), we got Neil Young trying t save the world, and so many other goofy things we really don’t know


Episode#48-What Heroes Do We Have with Bird-Names?
Thursday, June 03, 2010 8:14 PM
HUGE pile to go through this time. I got no summary. I hate Green Hornet. Suffer.


Episode #47 Chimp Suckin’ Bastard!
Monday, May 17, 2010 9:00 PM
May 18 2010 Episode #47 Nice one this time out-Visited the First “Comi-Conn” soon to be Connecticuts’ premiere Con, and had a great time. Met lots of good peoplpe including Ron Marz and Dan Jurgens, then jump right into Iron Man 2 review, and lots of general randomness.


Episode #46 I Never Expected Snowbird!
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 9:00 PM
April 28 2010 Episode #46 Here we are closing in on our grand Episode fifty and Free Comic Book Day! We go through an extensive deconstruction of Tony Isabella’s “1000 Comics You Must Read”, which you know, coulda been more “must read”. Then we dive head first into a pile, talking about Secret Warriors, Nemesis, Irredeemable, Incorruptible, remember Woozy Winks, The Guild, She Hulk-Sensational, Green Arrows’ downfall, Victorian undead, Christ it’s alot of books.


Episode #45Works Everytime!
Monday, April 19, 2010 9:00 PM
April 20 2010 Episode #45 The Rev and TechJedi lament Dick Giordano’s passing, some jackass needs a schooling, covering blackest night and power rings, runaways, dark reign, crazy 50s cap, kick ass, and the beginnings of 1000 comics you must read


Episode #44SOCOCON Interviews pt 2-EDGEWISE
Thursday, April 08, 2010 9:00 PM
April 9 2010 Episode #44 The Last of the Sococon Interviews-Next week with 45, we go back to general silliness. This time around we have Everett Soares, Creator of Sky Pirates of Valendor, holding court on just about anything. We pretty much let him go till the street lights came one, but he’s damn funny.


Episode #43SOCOCON Interviews pt 1
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 So begins our first set of interviews recorded at SoCoCon! Featuring Steve Kanaras of Free Lunch Comics-See what he has to say about the state of indies in the region, hear what Free Lunch Comics has in store for you! After Steve are Hector Rodriguez and Kieth Murphy, of Guild Works Publications.
Comicbook Artist Guild President http://www.comicartguild.com Guild Works Publications Art Director http://www.gwpbooks.com Visit us all and leave some feedback!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010 8:00 PM The First Southern Connecticut Comic Con was a smash success and again we thank everyone involved, Cabo, Biggie, Danger, Silent, The Rev, yeah, and ME, TechJedi. THANKS ME! This is a short warm up episode covering a few things we picked up early on, getting ready for hours of interviews. Special return cocohost Victor Warhammer appears! Have fun with it, Next week we bring the first of three interviews from attendee guests…..


Episode #41That’s What They Said About John Byrne!
March 3 2010 One more Pile before the Unleashing of the SouthernConnecticut ComicCon recordings.We talk Seige, hated Uranian, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, reminisce on Batman Family, Skull the Slayer, Eurohit, still hate A-bomb, THE FRAT BOY ABOMINATION, Detective Comics, oh yeah, and Hit monkey BLOWS….


Episode #40Shotgun, Chainsaw, and Sweet Cleansing Fire
March 3 2010 The Rev and TechJedi cover the benefits of specific zombie killing weapons, poor choices in timing when picking up books, including Incredible Hercules, Brave and the Bold, Ultimate Armor wars with Grampa Stark! Ultimate Enemy, Ultimate X, and more! Note that we did a short episode, added to it, then broke them up, leaving us with 40_a and 41. …


Episode #39Who’s Gonna Play Bob Hope?
February 25 2010 The Rev and TechJedi, in this episode, vent our disappointment with Cap as USO performer, changing things for film, the important south park episodes, debate what as-yet undisclosed movie projects should be tried, like the Heckler, another Shadow movie, and more…


Episode #38Brazillian Nazi Sexpots!
February 17 2010 The Rev and TechJedi run through a pile covering Incorruptible, Power Girl, Siege, Grimm Fairy Tales Pinocchio, Zombie Porn, the choice between Norman Osborn and a chimp in reference to choosing a boat’s occupants while drowning, Chaykin, and more.


Episode #37…And Then I Make You Look Stupid. It’s an Art-Form
February 9 2010 Just a quick one, where The Rev spotlights his innate ability to twist the everloving shit out of something Adj said. Roasting Max Lord, Blue Beetle, OMACS, Chaykin, and more. (and an aborted attempt at reviewing Blackest Night: Wonder Woman)


Episode #36 “Revenge In A Giant Mech” 3 February 2010 Warhammer and TechJedi introduce the inestimable, the incomparable, the unflappable and undesirable DANGER DAVE!. Covering a young Geeks’ evolution from gamer to anime kid to comic nerd, this one has it all


Episode #35 “WoW.Alt.Total.Loser” January 19 2010 Warhammer and TechJedi make observations and meander around there experiences in WoW, as a departure from pure comics madness.


Episode #34 “Journalistic Integrity? What’s That?” January 19 2010 Warhammer and TechJedi ramble on in a conversational, non journalistic fashion about the year 2009’s comics.


Episode #33 “You Know Who’s A Ducky Villain?” January 12 2010 The Rev rebuts just about everything we said last Episode, corrects the TechJedi like he usually does, and regales us with an operatic insult.


Episode #32 “Shady Little Douchebag” December 29 2009 The WarHammer and TechJedi run through some concepts on crossovers, and then get right to the meant of a conversation on villains.


Episode #31 “My Dad Abused Me With A Cell-Phone” December 17 2009 Blackbeard puts us in a black mood, Doc Savage is pretty tame, 3 issue of Saw inspired Batman and Robin, and we still can’t figure out why Peter Parker can’t get left alone.


Episode #30 “The Fat Nerd Level” December 8 2009 Ender’s Game, Catching up on a LOT of Amazing Spider-Man, Cap Reborn, Left 4 Dead 2, Unwritten, Superman/Batman, and a challenge to video game modders.


Episode #29 “Green and Purple” December 2 2009 available now-The Warhammer and TechJedi have a-not-too-deep discussion on the various aspects of costumes. It’s fun, irreverant, and filthy. Have at it.


Episode #28 “Sap Yo Momma, ANd Call It A Day” November 24 2009 We find ourselves back with the Rev and ready to rock with a pile, as our patented shotgun approach to comics history and book reviews does us a solid.


Episode #27 “Introducing Victor WarHammer” November 16 2009 is ready to go. Yes, i totally understand it’s been damn near a month. Nothin we could do. real life is not necessarily compatible with podcasts. We introduce Victor Warhammer, and talk Gambit, henchmen, What if? and tons more. Oh, and please forgive the wondrous audio problems. I was using new equipment and there’s a learning curve. stick with us.


Episode #26 “Screw The Trigger Twins” October 21 2009 is hot off the press! Join in as The Rev gets his first taste of BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM, Rag on Peter Parkers’ family, an absolutely HUGE BLACKEST NIGHT review, and so much more…


Episode #25 “The Chubby Dance” October 13 2009 Like usual there was an interminable break from here till the last, but here we are. We talk bloom county, Hulk Vs, and precisely ONE METRIC FUCKTON of comic books.


Episode #24 September 29 2009 WHAT’S GOIN ON IN THIS BOOK!?!?


Episode #23 “…Just Get A Shopvac” September 22 2009 We lambaste cliches, strange comic character hookups, a slew of books, and general craziness.


Episode #22 “We Live For Digressions” September 1 2009 Disney takes over-Cloak and Dagger blow-the new Spidey is emo and other irritations.


Episode #21 “It Can’t Be Done!” August 20 2009 We discuss unfilmable books, how they would work, a couple books, the danger of romantic liaisons with galactic police, and more.


Episode #20 “Debate, Denigrate, Appreciate” We record live from Curt’s Comics to celebrate Marvel’s 70th. A great time was had by all, as we debate, denigrate, and appreciate all things Marvel.


Episode #19 “Trapped In A World He Never Made” August 11 2009 American Son makes us smile, Buck Rogers and Project Super Powers doesn’t, Cap Reborn stretches our philisophical abilities, and more.


Episode #18“They Even Had to Drag Me to Sienna Miller In Black Leather” July 21 2009 In Episode #18 is, for once, actually funny. A slight departure from the stack, we’re pretty much random and really really mean.


Episode #17 “Feel The Manatee” July 14 In which we find the Rev is a hardcore Star Wars traditionalist-Irredeemable is a nuthatch, TechJedi is a perv. Love it.


Episode #16 “There’s a Fine Line Between Clever and Stupid” July 7 2009 In this Episode we shout out some feedback, thankful for the penultimate American Son, debate Claremont, and Goggle Batwoman


Episode #15 “Shinies!” 21 June 2009 We continue our tradition of denegrating Furries, wonder how Jocasta can kiss anyone, why Pym is insane, and more.


Episode #14 June 26 2009 “Goblinitas!” We run through American Son, Pet Avengers, Flash: Rebirth and a staggering, frightening array of Batman Books. Offensively.


Episode #13 June 16 2009 “If You Can’t Pick on Furries, What’s The Point Of Being on The Internet?” Captain America’s imminent return, what it means for whom, and some truly repugnant issues. Plus, we make fun of furries. What’s not to Love? (We do apologize for the low audio quality in this episode, TechJedi got a new laptop and didn’t set the Audacity settings properly, resulting in picking up clicks from the computers harddrive, and a mono setting instead of stereo. This will not happen the next time.)


Episode #12 June 2 2009 “NFL SUPERPRO!”Blue Chicks, Zombies, crossword puzzles, Sgt Fury trivia, Swamp Thing jokes,goodgod we rock this week!


Episode #11 May 27th 2009 Well… We were a bit rocked as it was Memorial day; two barbecues and two trips to the comic shop will take a lot out of you! We go through a small stack, and some trades. Also, a little known bit of Oz trivia. Bite it.


Episode #10 May 12th 2009 “Holy crap, we made it”. Double Digits baby. We go through trades and the pile and some lists, nothing new to crow about here. Give it a listen and move on, ya mooks


Episode #9 May 7th 2009-“Unfiltered Criticiscm!” We revisit free comic book day a little, express our true feelings on some bad choices the TechJedi made, and essentially ramble.


Episode #8 May 2nd 2009 FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Visited a couple different places and seems like it was a great day all around. Lots of editing on this one-travel and festivities took a toll.


Episode #7 April 18th 2009-“Double dipping and double entendres!” We record on location at Curts’ Comics in Branford Ct. Introducing the much delayed Cabo and BIG, covering the past, the future, and desert isles!


Episode #6 April 16th 2009 “Return to the Pile, or, We Ran Out of Other Things” We make our uninmportant 100th download, a shoutout, two movie semi-reviews, several trades and a Pile.


Episode #5 April 10th 2009 “Top o’ the World, Ma” No Piles, a top twenty, a few top fives, some stories.


Episode #4 April 2nd 2009 “This is shit” More piles-Final Crisis, Secret Invasion, Storming Paradise, and more!


Episode #3 March 26 2009 “Catching Up Billy/The Pile pt2″ OK so, another pile and some oldies, and The Rev schools the TechJedi on literary content


Episode #2 March 18th, 2009 “The Pile” Well, a months worth of books run through in our own little style/not style. The Rev manages to be insightful yet insulting, and I just go along for the ride!


Episode #1, March 5, 2009 “Catching Up Billy” -WE DID IT! Finally got off our collective asses and recorded. Not recorded at Curts, but the Reverend’s apartment. Right around 40 minutes of general introduction and rambling. No agenda, just who we are and what we dig, or not.