Episode 268-Doesn’t Matter When It’s Arcturian, Baby

Thursday, January 12th, 2017
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The rev opens noting his requirement of person entertainment. We watch Christmas Horror Story, with The Shat as a radio DJ. Tech notes he got the new BD Star Trek vault set. Eventually we get to the September Indies and talk ALIENS: DEFIANCE 5.Mutiny has turned to murder as Zula has to shoot down a drop ship of marines. We debate the practicality of weyland constantly sending missions for aliens. We debut HADRIAN’S WALL, and goddammit, PROOF READ YOUR STUFF, image creators! Outloand was 30x better, go read the marvel adaptation of that, kids. ROM 3 introduces D’Rge wraith sorcerer, and worthy opponent to Rom, but i don’t care. DESCENDER 15 is a beautiful story. I can’t put it better than that. Read the origin of Andy and Effie. SAGA 38 has the family still on the comet, Petrichor provides security and racism. Izabel might be in trouble….REVIVAL 42 has 5 things happening, and they can’t be isolated in one summary. Just read it. MERCURY HEAT 11 reveals the grand plan from Vika, and it’s both dumb and amazing.

SUPER ZERO 1 involves a ridiculous plan by a half insane teen girl likes superheroes. BRITANNIA 1 is the one Peter Milligan book TechJedi likes, involving supernatural missions to the eventual UK sponsored by the Vestal virgins. EMPRESS 6 has the kids blowed up good. Almost. The daughter betrays mom by calling dad….SHADOW: DEATH OF MARGO LANE 4 Cranston’s agent, Dr. Tan, is worried about Shadow’s state of mind over Margo. Shadow pulls a parachute drop on the red Empresses Sanctum Ship, and finds she is…well, read it. HILLBILLY 3 pleases me to no end-trolls, hoodoo witch cat chicks, trailing murderers, it’s just executed so damn well. HARROW COUNTY 16 has the family revealing their master plan, and it’s a doozy. Emmie takes care of it all though. It’s damned amazing. MANIFEST DESTINY 23 is all the crazy-pants and a fight rages to determine the representative of Navath, avatar of evil in the west.Lewis and Clarke meet the Tetons who hate them already.  Some Marlboroughs cover it nicely though.

We finish up with the 100th anniversary issue of TAROT, WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE, which really, is nothing you want in softcore porn and comics.


Episode 268

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