Episode 265-A Satisfying Ending to the Dumbest Thing Ever

Thursday, December 8th, 2016
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Tonight’s episode is all about Marvels. Before that however Tech talks about his experiences with Flash Season 2. We get on to comics with INVINCIBLE IRON MAN 12, featuring Riri, Victor, moms and school. It’s OK. INTERNATIONAL IRON MAN 6 Is all about stuff we don’t care about, and frankly, the whole adoption thing adds precisely dick all to the character. DAREDEVIL 10 still has DD eating crap from coworkers and that’s appropriate. BLACK PANTHER 5 features a mind blowingly bad decision T’challa makes that bites him in his ass later, to no one’s fuckin surprise.  AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 16 and 18 has developments moving fast toward a new clone saga, which frankly I can do without. But it’s could and well paced. It also features a skanky super villainness junkie, so there’s that. DR. STRANGE 10 has a hell of a fight with the Empirikul and the future Mr Misery. HOWARD THE DUCK 10 is just Batshit. work from that. Ms. MARVEL 10  brings us the unlikley fight between Basic Becky in armor, from where the hell anyone knows, and a guest shot from a vaguely reassuring but always wrong Carol. CAPTAIN STEVE AMERICA 4  needs Maria to account for Pleasant Hill will Steve gives Selvig the lab he stole from Red Ghost. CAPTAIN MARVEL 8 is just, 22 pages of CAROL IS WRONG. Hell with it. SILVER SURFER 200 has the most serious twists you won’t expect, and sigh, SPOILER FUCKIN FREE, i was truly shocked. formula inverted. SPIDER WOMAN 10 has Jess and Rogetr vetting Ulysses visions, a theory that is really not as good as it might sound-and there’s another villain bar. We like villain bars.THOR 10-Sir Ivory Honeyshot. Wow. OK, Golden Thor, minotaur, book’s got it all. We complete the show with BLACK WIDOW 6; with Nat telling Tony that she was the one brought Yinsen to Chu. This angers him, and it’s a good scene.


Episode 265

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