Episode 262-All Star Wars All The Time-Final Episode

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016
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Since there are so fewer Star Wars books now, this is the last time we do them all at once. After this, we’ll mix them with DC to fill out that dwindling episode. Rev reveals the Wookie story book from 1979, and I’m close to mutilating him to get it. We get down to STAR WARS 22 and 23, bringing a spectacular space battle for the Harbinger. 23 reveals the reason 21 happened, setting up the situation on Tureen, and the plan to steal this ISD. After theorizing about Sgt Kreel’s Bad Assed Squad of Badasses we jump to DARTH VADER 24. It’s pure “I am Vader, and Fuck This”. That’s all you need. POE DAMERON 5 and 6 has Poe trying to deal with Grakkus, and Terex makes double cross deals with crime bosses. BB8 throwqs down like a champ on a security droid, and disengages the prison’s artificial gravity, winning the day. Terex has to eat some shit from Phasma, but resolves to strike off on his own to pursue Poe. We finish off with HAN SOLO 3-The Imperials pull some weight and threaten the race-and the race admin threaten to cut off fuel to the Empire. It all works out. Turnabout is spare play as Ace helps out Han, and that’s where we call it even.


Episode 262

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