Episode 261-We All Know I’m a Porcupine Apologist

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016
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TJ missed the premiere of Supergirl, and wonders about why Lex has to be there. Mentions S2 of Gotham; all while watching “Pod”, about a freakazoid living in the woods. It’s better we don’t have the sound up.  July Marvels eventually come into play, starting with BLACK PANTHER 4, whihc is hugely dense, incredibly talky, and unplumbably deep. BLACK WIDOW 5 completes the backfiring of doublecrossing and blackmailing, with the Weeping Lion releasing private info-starting with Tony. INTERNATIONAL IRON MAN 5 features Howard’s funeral, where Fury fails to convince tony Howard loved him. INVINCIBLE IRON MAN 11 goes corporate, as the board hires Ghost to break into Tony’s lab, whom they have declared dead. SPIDER-WOMAN 9 is the All Wendigo All The Time until Carol interferes and becomes a giant ass to her best friend issue. SILVER SURFER 5 has a planet grateful enough to SS that they shower him with privileges, titles, and gifts. It freaks him out, and Uatu2 confirms he’s wiped all of Zenn-La from all memory. DAREDEVIL 9 is a team up book we like with Spidey making an appearance, but Pete doesn’t trust him anymore because of the mystical whozwhatsis re-hiding his identity. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 15 Iron Spider-MJ to the rescue. That’s where I’ll leave that. HOWARD 9 reveals that Mojo has been kidnapping Lea Thompson, and that’s goddamned genius. STEVE-CAP 3 is incredibly convoluted and Rick Jones is a hacker elite and that drives me nuts.  CAPTAIN MARVEL 7 is the trial of Carol Danvers number 14. the whole book is just a long exposition of “Carol is right!” THOR 9 has 14 different things happening, as Oubliette tortures Agger, the SHIELD agents serve Cul with warrants, and the Agger Imperative is in effect. We end it all with MS. MARVEL 9, where the overzealous Carolteens apprehend Josh-and their complete lack of understanding civil rights send Kamala to talk to Carol. The teens’ out of nowhere uniforms are a tad on the nose, we think as well.


Episode #261

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