You Knew This Was Coming, And Did Nothing About It. Episodes 269 and Finale

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017
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I tried to put this off because as long as the last ones weren’t out there, there wouldn’t be an end. But it’s past time, so here are your last two episodes of THE MEAN GEEK-COMICS PODCASTING ON THE EDGE OF CIVILITY.


We had a lot of fun over the last eight years; lots of cons, lots of new pals, lots of really shitty comic books. We expanded horizons and learned difficult things, (well, I did-Rev just sat there drinking. Lazy fuck.) Spent a lot of money and made none. Learned new things about con culture, understood a wider variety of geek culture, and gained a great understanding of the variety of people that count themselves geeks. I still think a lot of our entertainment sub culture choices are goddamned ridiculous, but you be you, motherfuckers!


Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to our experiences; Regina and the gang at , Andrew, our official photographer and market research analyst (twitter @PicByAndrew ) Dante, Jeff, Ian Levenstein of Comic Timing ( ) The fine gentlemen At RAGING BULLETS (even though we don’t understand how they’ve handled N52 and Rebirth like, at all) ( ) Cobra North, ( The WombMates ( ) Well Watchers, Jon and Owen at @NotBiscuits , Mike Lepine, Dani, Josh @POIpodcast, The Ever Supportive pals at @comicsnoobshow, Cbat, Chris Gaida (Johnson loves you!) @SpaceChief75, Rue, Peter Rios ( our inimitable UK Connection ( ) and quite a few more others tha made making the show tolerable in the later months. We appreciate all your interactions and support.


The site will stay up for roughly a year, or as long as I don’t mind paying for it. I still think we had some relevant things to say so I’ll repost a couple episodes a week on twitter, but in just a little while, will switch to SuperMachoJediKnight, featuring parody vignettes and original content featuring TROOPER JOHNSON, FETT, DUMB, AND UGLY, one offs, concepts, mood pieces, and action figure photography that everyone else already does better.


Thank you very much, everyone.


Adrian TechJedi Hunter

Bill Rev MadDuck McGuinness


Episode 269